Sony Semiconductor Quality and Reliability HandBook PDF (4.6MB) [Revised in April, 2016]

Chapter 1 Approach to Quality Assurance PDF

  • 1.1 Approach toward Quality Assurance
  • 1.2 Quality Assurance System for Semiconductor Products
  • 1.3 Environmental Approaches
  • 1.4 Product Liability (PL) Act

Chapter 2 Semiconductor Device Reliability Verification PDF

  • 2.1 Fundamental Knowledge on Semiconductor Reliability
  • 2.2 Semiconductor Reliability Verification
  • 2.3 Acceleration Model

Chapter 3 Semiconductor Device Failure Analysis PDF

  • 3.1 What is Failure Analysis?
  • 3.2 Necessity of Failure Analysis Technology
  • 3.3 Failure Analysis Technology

Chapter 4 Notes on the Handling of Semiconductor Devices PDF

  • 4.1 Soldering Heat Resistance
  • 4.2 Notes on Handling for Electric Breakdown
  • 4.3 Notes on Handling for Mechanical Breakdown
  • 4.4 Notes on Handling to Prevent Thermal Breakdown
  • 4.5 Notes on Product Specifications, Packing, Transport and Storage

Chapter 5 Notes for Each Product Category and Other Noteworthy Items PDF

  • 5.1 Image Sensors
  • 5.2 Laser Diode
  • 5.3 LCD
  • 5.4 Quality Assurance of Bare Die
  • 5.5 Product Name and Lot Indications


  • This handbook was created for the purpose of introducing Sony's approach toward maintaining and controlling semiconductor quality and reliability to customers who are currently using Sony semiconductor products and to potential customers who are considering their use in the future. It also aims for understanding of general points for caution when using Sony semiconductor products.
    Responsibility for quality assurance, defect warranties and other items relating to individual transactions shall conform to these sales contracts and other adjunct contracts concluded between the Sony Sales Department or Sony agents and customers, and this handbook shall not in any way add to or modify the contents of said contracts.
    Note that "quality assurance" as used in this text refers to the maintenance and control of semiconductor device quality and reliability, and differs from the quality assurance items in contracts.
  • Sony makes the utmost efforts to improve the quality and reliability of its products, but semiconductor failure of a certain percentage is unavoidable. Therefore, we request that sufficient care be given to ensuring safe design in customer products such as redundant design, anti-conflagration design and design for preventing misoperation in order to prevent accidents resulting in injury or death, fire or other social damage from occurring as a result of semiconductor failure. In addition, be sure to consult your Sony sales representative beforehand when there is a chance that customer products manufactured using Sony products may pose a life- or injury-threatening risk or are highly likely to cause significant property damage in the event of such a failure.
  • Sony reserves the right to change the contents of this handbook without notice. Be sure to check the latest information before using Sony semiconductor products.
  • Technical materials shown in this handbook are typical references illustrating operation. This information does not convey any license by any implication or otherwise under any Sony or third party patents or other rights, and Sony cannot assume responsibility for any problems arising out of the use of this information or for any infringement of patent or other right due to same.
  • Export of products noted in this handbook which fall under the category of regulated commodities as prescribed by the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Act requires approval under said Act.
  • The contents of this handbook may not be reproduced or transferred in any form, in part or in their entirety, without the express written permission of Sony Corporation.