Sony semiconductor solutions (SSS) corporation will introduce "LMX-001 Holographic waveguide display" at the 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held from Thursday, January 5 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
At the booth, SSS will showcase the customized hardware equipped with LMX-001 and augmented reality solutions with demos.

Key Exhibition Items

Motorcycle helmet with integrated augmented reality display

Based on Sony's holographic waveguide technology, this conceptual use case demonstrates how traffic safety is increased by presenting relevant information to the driver directly in the field of view. The driver can consistently keep the eyes on the road and the surrounding traffic, and at the same time be served with navigation updates and vehicle status data in a controlled manner.

Increase efficiency with in-field-of-view information

Within many professional fields such as logistics and production, having correct information at the right point in time can drastically increase efficiency and reduce idle time and error rates. By having the LMX-001 holographic waveguide display integrated in the glasses, this demo highlights the benefits of always having the order picking instructions instantly available leaving booth hands available for scanning and picking. Once the correct item is scanned, the list of instructions is automatically updated directly on the glasses.

Real-time health status monitoring

Critical rescue missions benefit from having up to date health status data of all personnel on the team. This demo exemplifies the ability of showing real-time health information directly in your field of view. The data presented could be extended to other types of time critical information, such as changes in risk level and cooperating teams' locations. This is typically useful when working in hi-risk environments common for firefighting units and SAR teams.

Booth location

LVCC, South Hall 2 - 26029 Augmented Reality Marketplace

LMX-001 Holographic waveguide display product information