IMX168CQK: Diagonal 4.58 mm (Type 1/4) 5.15M-Effective Pixel Color CMOS Image Sensor
IMX169CQK: Diagonal 7.35 mm (Type 1/2.45) 13.19M-Effective Pixel Color CMOS Image Sensor

photo_IMX168CQK, IMX169CQK

CMOS Image Sensors for Industrial Applications Achieves HD, Compact Size, and High Resolution

Cameras for industrial applications have been recently expanding the purposes including home security or drive recorder in various locations and environments. As the result of market trends, while smaller or slimmer cameras are demanded, and higher quality picture has been also strongly requested.
Using Sony's original fine pixel processing technology fully adopted most advanced manufacturing technology for image sensors of smartphones, we commercialized 5.15M-effective pixel (Type 1/4) and 13.19M-effective pixel (Type 1/2.45) CMOS image sensor which can capture high sensitivity and high-definition HD images.

  • High resolution: Approx. 5.15M effective pixels/Approx. 13.19M effective pixels
  • High sensitivity: HD movie mode
  • Supporting small and thin lenses: 1.4 µm unit pixel
  • Compact package: 74-pin LGA

* Exmor is a trademark of Sony Corporation. The Exmor is a version of Sony's high performance CMOS image sensor with high-speed processing, low noise and low power dissipation by using column-parallel A/D conversion.

Higher Resolution Achieves Higher Quality Picture

Digital still cameras or smartphones are seeking image sensors with higher pixel counts and higher resolution to satisfy the high-picture quality of the camera functions. Typically, TV movies have just started the transition to 4K with super high resolution rather than full HD.
Sony commercialized CMOS image sensors, "IMX168CQK" and "IMX169CQK", with higher resolution than the existing products. They are targeting industrial applications mainly used for movies in home securities, TV conference calls, Web cameras, or drive recorders.
The IMX168CQK is an approximately 5.15M-effective pixel image sensor which has roughly 5 times number of pixels compared with HD720p, and able to capture up to 22.5 frame/s.
The IMX169CQK is an approximately 13.19M-effective pixel image sensor which has roughly 6 times number of pixels compared with full HD1080p, and able to capture up to 13.5 frame/s.

Smaller and Slimmer for Versatile Applications

To build a compact image sensor handling many pixels, the size of each pixel needs to be smallest as possible. Using Sony's original fine pixel processing technology for image sensors of smartphones, imaging characteristics with high sensitivity are achieved even in the smaller pixel size.
Also, a thinner lens has a sharper incident light angle, and light collection at a photodiode becomes more difficult. An on-chip lens at each pixel cell in the IMX168CQK and IMX169CQK is optimized to the incident light angle characteristics for a thinner lens, and the photodiode can collect lights effectively.

Binning Scan Mode Increases Sensitivity, HD Movie Mode

The IMX168CQK has a function supporting HD720p video recording. This mode sums up and reads out signals of consecutive pixels with the same color, and the sensitivity improves by 4 times compared with the normal mode. Also the cropping mode of reading out only aspect ratio 16:9 area makes high-speed recording possible as fast as HD720p movie at 60 frame/s.
At the same time, the IMX169CQK has a function supporting full HD1080p movie recording. This mode uses binning pixels and can record full HD movies with high sensitivity at 30 frame/s.
These functions meet a new demand of higher resolution imaging, and also enable existing high-picture quality movies under a low luminance environment.

Easy-to-use Interface and Package

Both IMX168CQK and IMX169CQK use a small and slim 74Pin LGA (Land Grid Array) package. The package can withstand reflow soldering for easier mounting.
For the output interface, versatile MIPI (CSI-2 compliant) is used. MIPI can be easily connected to various DSPs.

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Photograph 1 Sample Images (IMX169CQK)

Photograph 1-1

IMX169CQK All-pixel scan (13.5 frame/s, 500 lx, F2.2, internal gain 0 dB)

Photograph 1-2

IMX169CQK full HD1080p (30 frame/s, 20 lx, F2.2, internal gain 24 dB)

Table 1 Device Structure
Image size Diagonal 4.58 mm (Type 1/4) Diagonal 7.35 mm (Type 1/2.45)
Transfer method All-pixel scan All-pixel scan
Number of effective pixels 2616 (H) × 1968 (V)
Approx. 5.15M pixels
4216 (H) × 3128 (V)
Approx. 13.19M pixels
Unit cell size 1.4 µm (H) × 1.4 µm (V)
Optical blacks Horizontal Front: 32 pixels, rear: 0 pixels
Vertical Front: 48 pixels, rear: 0 pixels Front: 32 pixels, rear: 0 pixels
Input drive frequency 6 MHz to 27 MHz
Package 74-pin LGA
Package size 11.50 mm (H) × 10.50 mm (V) × 2.23 mm (T)
Supply voltage VDD (Typ.) 2.7 V/1.8 V/1.2 V
Sensitivity (F5.6) (Typ.) 120 mV
Saturation signal 428 mV
Output method MIPI 1, 2 lane MIPI 2, 4 lane
Control communication interface I2C I2C
Drive mode (All-pixel scan) 5.15M 22.5 frame/s
648 Mbps/lane × 2 lane
13.19M 13.5 frame/s
486 Mbps/lane × 4 lane
Drive mode (HD) 720p 60 frame/s
648 Mbps/lane × 2 lane
1080p 30 frame/s
486 Mbps/lane × 4 lane

*Sony reserves the right to change products and specifications without prior notice.


group photo_Designers

We designed and commercialized the IMX168CQK and IMX169CQK aiming the accomplishment at the advanced level of higher sensitivity movie and still image with higher pixel counts at the same time.
The fine cell structure as small as 1.4 µm unit pixel achieves larger number of pixel and further miniaturization in optical size.
We recommend customers to use the IMX168CQK and IMX169CQK with a wide range of functions to develop their cameras.