Diagonal 6.4 mm (Type 1/2.8) 2.38M-Effective Pixel WRGB Color CMOS Image Sensor

photo_IMX136LAJ, IMX140LAJ

Full HD CMOS Image Sensors for Industrial Applications Featuring Higher Sensitivity with White (W) Pixel

Sony adopted a white (W) pixel for the industrial applications and developed the IMX136LAJ and IMX140LAJ, full HD CMOS image sensors with high sensitivity.
Adding the white (W) pixel, compared with Sony's existing Bayer array products, the IMX136LQJ and IMX140LQJ, the sensitivity increased by +3.5 dB.
A versatile interface means that the sensor can be tailored to different applications.
Using the most suitable DSP to the products, system configurations will be easier.

  • Adding a white (W) Pixel
  • High sensitivity (+3.5 dB compared with Bayer array products)
  • Supporting full HD1080p mode
  • Built-in 10 and 12-bit A/D converters
  • Multiple frame set output mode

* Exmor is a trademark of Sony Corporation. The Exmor is a version of Sony's high performance CMOS image sensor with high-speed processing, low noise and low power dissipation by using column-parallel A/D conversion.

High Sensitivity with a White (W) Pixel

In the industrial applications market, the demand for full HD sensors with high sensitivity has increased over the years.
This time, Sony developed the IMX136LAJ and IMX140LAJ with higher sensitivity by +3.5 dB compared with the conventional products with Bayer array, IMX136LQJ and IMX140LQJ.
While keeping the high sensitivity with a white (W) pixel, suppression of the color mixture enables the same level of color reproducibility as Bayer array products.
It also increased incident light angle characteristics from the conventional product of IMX103LAR with the white (W) pixel, the color reproducibility dramatically improved in the dark areas with surveillance cameras at a lower F-number.

A Variety of Operating Modes

In addition to the all-pixel scan mode and full HD1080p mode in the IMX136LQJ and IMX140LQJ, the window cropping mode is also supported.
The IMX136LAJ output interface has a CMOS low-voltage LVDS parallel interface and a 4ch low-voltage LVDS serial interface. The IMX140LAJ has MIPI (CSI-2 compliant) 4 lane, which works as a high-speed serial interface. (See table 3.)
Also the control interface has been modified to include a general-purpose I2C interface besides 4-wire serial interface, and provides customers with options to suit their operating conditions.
The functions support the multiple frame set output mode to take advantage of the high-speed frame rate. And separate exposure time and gain can be set to the consecutive 4 or 2 frames.
Combined data output from those functions enables a wide dynamic range.


The image sensors are provided in a LGA (Land Grid Array) package that can withstand high-temperature reflow soldering (peak temperature: 240°C).
The package is same as Sony's existing products, the IMX139LQJ and IMX140LQJ and pin compatible, so they can be easily deployed in lineup products with high sensitivity.

DSP Compatible

Optimized Sony's DSPs are available to make good use of the high sensitivity of the IMX136LAJ and IMX140LAJ. The combinations make easier to develop high sensitivity camera environment. (See table 4.)

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Photograph 1 Comparisons with the Bayer Array Product

Condition 1: 1 lx F1.4 (full HD1080p image ADC 12 bit mode, 60 frame/s)

Photograph 1-1

IMX136LQJ(Bayer array product)
Internal gain 42 dB

Photograph 1-2

IMX136LAJ(White (W) pixel product)
Internal gain 42 dB

Condition 2: 1000 lx F5.6 (full HD1080p image ADC 12 bit mode, 60 frame/s)

Photograph 1-3

IMX136LQJ(Bayer array product)
Internal gain 14 dB

Photograph 1-4

IMX136LAJ(White (W) pixel product)
Internal gain 10 dB

Table 1 Device Structure
Image size Diagonal 6.23 mm (Type 1/2.9) (Full HD mode)
Diagonal 6.40 mm (Type 1/2.8) (WUXGA mode)
Transfer method All-pixel scan
Number of effective pixels 1944 (H) × 1224 (V) Approx. 2.38M pixels
Unit cell size 2.80 µm (H) × 2.80 µm (V)
Optical blacks Horizontal Front: 4 pixels, rear: 0 pixels
Vertical Front: 12 pixels, rear: 0 pixels
Input drive frequency 54 MHz/27 MHz/
37.125 MHz/74.25 MHz
Package 94-pin LGA
Supply voltage VDD (Typ.) 2.7 V/1.8 V/1.2 V
Table 2 Image Sensor Characteristics
Item Value Remarks
W sensitivity (F5.6) Typ. 640 mV 1/30s accumulation
G sensitivity (F5.6) Typ. 425 mV 1/30s accumulation
Saturation signal Min. 812 mV Tj = 60°C
Table 3 Interface (frame rate value in full HD1080p mode)
Product Interface ADC Frame rate (Max.)
IMX136LAJ CMOS parallel 10 bit 30 frame/s
12 bit 30 frame/s
Low voltage version LVDS parallel 10 bit 120 frame/s
12 bit 60 frame/s
Low voltage version LVDS serial 10 bit 60 frame/s
12 bit 60 frame/s
IMX140LAJ MIPI (CSI-2) 12 bit 60 frame/s
Table 4 Compatible DSP
Products Compatible DSP Remarks
(Camera system LSI with ISP function)
(Integrated camera system with ISP + video encoding function)
Package type
(Integrated camera system with ISP + video encoding function)
Module type with image-processing DDR3 memory on the same substrate

*Sony reserves the right to change products and specifications without prior notice.


group photo_Designers

We targeted higher sensitivity for industrial applications and developed the IMX136LAJ and IMX140LAJ, CMOS image sensors with the white (W) pixel.
Not only the sensitivity, incident light characteristics or various conditions were considered during the design. We believe that our customers will be satisfied with the products. Do not miss this opportunity to experience the high sensitivity of the IMX136LAJ and IMX140LAJ.