Camera System LSI for IP Security Camera


Camera System LSI with ISP and Video Encoding Functions for Entry-Level IP Security Camera Models

Sony has developed the CXD4145GG for entry-level commercial model and home security camera applications as the low-end model in the Xarina™ series of IP security camera solutions. The maximum number of pixels that can be processed by the ISP (Image Signal Processing) and H.264 encoder functions of the CXD4145GG has been expanded from the previous 2M pixels to 5M pixels, making it possible to meet diversifying needs. In addition to continuously evolving ISP performance and enhancement of visibility through improved picture quality, H.264 encoder distribution performance has also been optimized in consideration of anticipated usage scenarios. Furthermore, the CXD4145GG incorporates a wide range of functions and peripheral devices considered essential in the creation of IP security camera product sets, enabling a reduction in costs and achievement of simple circuit and board configurations. This enables creation of an extensive lineup of IP security cameras for the low-end model market that is expected to expand in the future.

* "ARM" is a trademark of ARM Limited.

  • High performance ISP and H.264 encoder (30 frames/s up to 3M pixels, 15 frames/s for 5M pixels)
  • Improved basic picture quality enhances visibility
  • Realizes lower costs by incorporating various peripheral devices
  • Inherits and improves the Xarina software platform

* Xarina is a trademark of Sony Corporation. Xarina consists of an optimized system LSI to realize imaging products in Network Era and system solutions for efficient development.

High Performance ISP and H.264 Encoder

The ISP and H.264 encoder can process and output up to 3M pixels at 30 frames/s and 5M pixels at 15 frames/s. In addition, the encoder can be connected to three different types of image sensor interfaces (LVCMOS Parallel, Sub-LVDS Serial, MIPI) in order to support even more CMOS image sensors. The H.264 encoder can simultaneously distribute up to 16 streams and JPEG snapshots. (Example: 1080p 30 frames/s + D1 30 frames/s + CIF 30 frames/s + QVGA 30 frames/s + 1080p JPEG)

Improved Basic Picture Quality Enhances Visibility

The CXD4145GG features enhanced ATR-EX (Adaptive Tone Reproduction-EXtra) performance that further increases the visibility of low contrast images and images that include both light and dark areas (Photograph 1). The 3D-NR algorithm has been improved to suppress motion blur, making it possible to obtain clearer images of moving objects under low illumination. In addition, visibility in various environments is ensured through the incorporation of high-need functions such as the Defog function, HLC (High Light Compensation) function and IR Optimizer function. The LDC (Lens Distortion Correction) function that corrects lens distortion when using a wide angle lens is also newly incorporated, making it possible to obtain more natural images (Photograph 2).

Realizes Lower Costs by Incorporating Various Peripheral Devices

The CXD4145GG incorporates a variety of peripheral devices considered essential in the creation of IP security camera set products, such as a USB PHY, RTC, general-purpose ADC, audio codec, microphone and speaker amplifier (Figure 1). In addition, the SD card interface newly supports SDXC/UHS-I, and supports the high volume, high speed access required for edge storage. The Ethernet PHY interface supports EEE (Energy Efficient Ethernet: IEEE802.3az), enabling an overall reduction in system power consumption.

Inherits and Improves the Xarina Software Platform

Customers who have already established a development environment for Sony's current mainstream model (CXD4135GG) can smoothly introduce the CXD4145GG by using compatible MW (middleware) and API (Application Programming Interface). In addition, even higher performance can be achieved by using MW and API with newly expanded functions and enhanced performance.

Photograph 1 Sample Images with ATR-EX Function

ATR-EX Function OFF → ATR-EX Function ON

Photograph 2 Sample Images with LDC Function (Fisheye Lens Used)

LDC Function OFF → LDC Function ON

Figure 1 CXD4145GG Structure Diagram

Figure 1

Table 1 CXD4145GG Main Specifications
Image Sensors
Image sensors Primary color CMOS image sensors
IMX238 / IMX222 / IMX124 / IMX225 / Others
Sensor interface LVCMOS parallel 12 bits, MIPI 2Lane, Sub-LVDS serial 2ch
Camera Features
Resolution (Max.) 2592 × 1944 (5M pixels)
Frame rate (Max.) 30 frames/s up to 3M pixels
15 frames/s for 5M pixels
Auto-focus detector Yes
Auto IRIS Yes (PWM control)
Day/Night Yes
Digital WDR ATR-EX (Adaptive Tone Reproduction)
Noise reduction 3D-NR, 2D-NR
Defog Yes
LDC Yes (Simple-Lens Distortion Correction)
IR optimizer Yes
Video Features
Electronic zoom ×1/8 to ×16
Rotate image Horizontal mirror, Vertical flip 90 / 180 / 270 degrees rotation
Privacy mask Yes
Video compression JPEG, H.264 (BP / MP / HP)
Code performance H.264:
30 frames/s up to 3M pixels
15 frames/s for 5M pixels
30 frames/s up to 3M pixels
15 frames/s for 5M pixels
Multi thread 16 threads *Best effort
Video Input
Video format VGA / SXGA / 720p (SMPTE296M) / 1080p (BT1120) / QXGA (3M)
Video Analytics
Object detection Yes
Tampering alarm Yes
Audio Features
Digital audio interface I2S
Analog audio IN Mic.  IN (Mono) / Line IN (Stereo)
Analog audio OUT Speaker OUT (Mono) / Line OUT (Stereo)
Audio streaming G.711 / G.726 / AMR-NB / AAC-LC
CPU & Peripherals
Host CPU ARM1176JZF-STM (400 MHz)
SDRAM interface 16-bit DDR3-1066 (1 G to 4 Gbits)
NAND FLASH interface 8-bit SLC NAND (1 G to 16 Gbits)
Ethernet PHY interface 10/100 (MII / RMII)
*EEE (IEEE802.3az)
USB High speed host with PHY
SD interface 1ch (SD / SDHC / SDXC / SD-IO)
Support peripherals UART, I2C, SPI, PWM, GPIO, RTC, ADC, PIR
Operating temperature (Tcase) -20 to 95 °C
Supply voltage 1.1V (Core), 1.1, 1.5, 1.8, 3.3V (I/O)
Package 289-pin plastic, LFBGA (13 × 13 mm, 0.65 mm pitch )

*Sony reserves the right to change products and specifications without prior notice.


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When developing the CXD4145GG as a low-end model in the Xarina series, we put all our efforts into supporting a diverse range of image sensors and reducing size to facilitate set design. The CXD4145GG incorporates the peripheral devices required for an IP security camera in a single chip. In addition, the software platform inherited from the mainstream model makes it possible to easily create high performance IP security cameras. We hope you will give this Xarina-based IP camera solution a try.