Diagonal 11 mm (Type 2/3) 1.45M-Effective Pixel Black-and-White and Color CCD Image Sensors


Image Sensors with Output Channel Count Switching for Both High Sensitivity and High Dynamic Range

In addition to the needs for even higher resolution and higher frame rate in industrial-use camera markets, there are also increasing needs for improved high sensitivity, high dynamic range and low smear. This time, Sony has developed the high-speed ICX825ALA (black and white) and ICX825AQA (primary color filter) with further developed characteristics compared to our existing sensor, the ICX285AL/AQ. We have improved the main characteristics in a balanced manner by adopting Sony's original processing technology, while the EXview HAD CCD IITM structure provides significantly increased high sensitivity in the near infrared region.

  • Diagonal 11 mm (Type 2/3) approx. 1.45M effective pixel
  • High sensitivity, high dynamic range and low smear extending into near infrared light region
  • Multi output between 1 or 2 Channels
  • Compact device size (28-pin plastic DIP)

* EXview HAD CCD II is a trademark of Sony Corporation. The EXview HAD CCD II is a CCD image sensor that realizes sensitivity (typical) of 1000 mV or more per 1 µm2 (Color:F5.6/BW:F8 in 1 s accumulation equivalent) and improves light efficiency by including near infrared light region as a basic structure of Sony's EXview HAD CCDTM.

Diagonal 11 mm (Type 2/3) approx. 1.45M effective pixels

The ICX825ALA and ICX825AQA are diagonal 11 mm (Type 2/3) CCD image sensors with approx. 1.45M effective square pixel array progressive scan developed for industrial use, scientific measurement and security cameras (see table 1). The new sensors succeeded in very high improvement in characteristics over the existing ICX285AL/AQ (see table 2).

High sensitivity, wide dynamic range and low smear extending into near infrared light region

Optimization of the vertical register, readout gate and channel stop regions of the sensor has suppressed the dark current and improved the electronic charges handled by the vertical registers. In addition, it maximized the photoelectric conversion of the sensor as well as enhancing its saturation signal level.
Taking full advantage of Sony's excellent fabrication technology has enabled changes in the electrode wiring structure and the lens structure that maximize sensor aperture and lower the layer of the on-chip microlenses resulting in improved light-collecting efficiency. When a lower f-number is used, this sensor controls the reduction in light-collecting efficiency caused by changes in light incident angle. In addition, better light-collecting efficiency and a reduction in the thickness of the oxide film below the photo-shielding film have diminished contamination of signals by smearing in the vertical register and raised characteristics.
The ICX825 contributes to higher quality sets by improving sensitivity by 3.7 dB, smear by 5 dB and dynamic range by 6 dB (see figure 1), and provides better image quality by balancing high sensitivity and wide dynamic range as compared to the ICX285. Also, use of "EXview HAD CCD II" technology has improved high sensitivity in the near infrared light region. Thus, the image sensors are suitable for day and night as well as near infrared shooting, while providing sufficient performance. The quantum efficiency at wavelength 850 nm is improved by 7.0 dB over the ICX285AL (see figure 2).

Multi output between 1 or 2 Channels

It incorporates high-S/N ratio output circuits in 2 channels capable of operating at a 54 MHz horizontal drive frequency and multichannel output function, which allows switching by changing the drive timing of the horizontal transfer register as required by the frame rate. This makes it possible to output all pixel signals at 25 frame/s in 1-channel output mode and at 45 frame/s in 2-channel output mode, and realizes a frame rate three times greater than that of the ICX285 (see table 2 and figure 3).

Compact package

Using the same compact package (28-pin Plastic DIP) as the existing ICX625ALA/AQA, ICX655ALA/AQA (Type 2/3 5.05M effective pixels), ICX808ALA/AQA (Type 1/1.8 4.10M effective pixels)*1 and ICX817ALA/AQA (Type 1/1.8 2.83M effective pixels) allows design of compact products.

*1: See the New Products section released in 2013 October.

Figure 1 Improvement of Dynamic Range

Figure 1

* The dynamic range is defined as the amount of saturation signal/dark signal noise, and is standardized with the ICX285AL.

Figure 2 Improvement of Quantum Efficiency
(at wavelength 850nm)

Figure 2

* The quantum efficiency is standardized with the ICX285AL.

Figure 3 Pixel Array Structure

Figure 3

Table 1 Device Structure
Item ICX825ALA
Image size Diagonal 1 mm (Type 2/3)
Transfer method Progressive scan
Total number of pixels 1472 (H) × 1050 (V)
Approx. 1.55M pixels
1434 (H) × 1050 (V)
Approx. 1.50M pixels
Number of effective pixels 1392 (H) × 1040 (V)
Approx. 1.45M pixels
Number of active pixels 1360 (H) × 1024 (V)
Approx. 1.40M pixels
Unit cell size 6.45 µm (H) × 6.45 µm (V)
Optical blacks Horizontal Front: 40 pixels, rear: 40 pixels Front: 2 pixels, rear: 40 pixels
Vertical Front: 8 pixels, rear: 2 pixels
Number of dummy bits Horizontal, front: 1 pixel, rear: 1 pixel Horizontal 20 pixels, Vertical 3 pixels
Horizontal drive frequency 54 MHz 28.64 MHz
Package 28-pin Plastic DIP 20-pin Ceramic DIP
Table 2 Image Sensor Characteristics
Item ICX825ALA
Sensitivity Typ. 2000 mV (F8.0)
2000 mV (G signal, F5.6)
1300 mV (F8.0)
1240 mV (G signal, F5.6)
3200 K, 706 cd/m2
1/30s accumulation
Saturation signal Min. 1300 mV 850 mV Tj = 60 °C
Smear Typ. -115 dB (F8.0)
-115 dB (F5.6)
-110 dB (F8.0)
-110 dB (F5.6)
V/10 method
Frame rate Typ. 25 frame/s 15 frame/s 1 ch output
45 frame/s 2 ch output

*Sony reserves the right to change products and specifications without prior notice.


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Using Sony's exceptional fine pixel fabrication technologies for image sensors and evolving them through development enabled significant speed-up and improvement of characteristics. Sony is convinced that these CCD image sensors will meet not only the user needs of the ICX285, but also a variety of customer needs. We highly recommend that you experience this excellent performance.