Diagonal 7.77 mm (Type 1/2.3) 16.35M-Effective Pixel Back-Illuminated Color CMOS Image Sensors


16.35M-Pixel High-Speed CMOS Image Sensor for Consumer Digital Still Cameras and Camcorders

Addition to the high-picture quality of the back-illuminated CMOS image sensor, Exmor RTM, Sony has succeeded in commercializing approximately 16.35M-effective pixel back-illuminated CMOS image sensors, "IMX206CQC/HQC", greatly enhanced the smaller and thinner size, and lower power consumption. The newly developed package realized approximately in volume ratio 53% smaller and thinner size compared with the existing product of Type 1/2.3, 16M pixels CMOS image sensor. Also, the revised system configuration enabled 33% lower power consumption at full HD 1080p output compared with the existing product.

  • Diagonal 7.77 mm (Type 1/2.3) approx. 16.35M effective pixels (4672H x 3500V)
  • Pixel size: 1.34 µm unit pixel
  • Support 16.35M-pixel imaging at 10 frame/s and full HD 1080p
  • Newly developed smaller and thinner package 10.7 mm (H) × 8.5 mm (V) × 1.52 mm (t)
  • Lower power consumption (approximately 270 mW at full HD 1080p output)

Exmor R
* Exmor R is a trademark of Sony Corporation. The Exmor R is a Sony's CMOS image sensor with significantly enhanced imaging characteristics including sensitivity and low noise by changing fundamental structure of ExmorTM pixel adopted column parallel A/D converter to back-illuminated type.

Newly Developed Smaller and Thinner Package

In the digital still camera industry, there is an increasing need for smaller and thinner products.
To satisfy the demand, Sony developed a new package for the IMX206CQC/HQC. With the same basic structure and reduced size of the respective parts to the utmost limit of 10.7 mm (H) x 8.5 mm (V) x 1.52 mm (t), which resulted in approximately in volume ratio 53% smaller and thinner from the existing product. (See figure 1.)

Lower Power Consumption

In recent years, more and more video-sharing websites provide extensive service; posting and playing videos became much easier.
Therefore, opportunities for full HD video recording expanded and became familiar, and lower power consumption has been strongly requested which is critical for longer recording time. The IMX206CQC/HQC revised the system configuration and enabled 33% lower power consumption compared with the existing product at full HD 1080p imaging (Mode 1). (See figure 2.)

A Variety of Readout Modes

For the IMX206CQC/HQC, Sony's unique high-speed readout technology makes it possible to select high-definition still images, high-speed video imaging or whatever other drive mode that best suits the purpose. (See table 3.) When using Type 1/2.3 approximately 16.35M-pixel (4:3), the sensors achieve high-definition imaging with all-pixel scan, and support video formatting including full HD 1080p or HD 720p.
Also flexible cropping options became available for choosing angle of view, and the recording setting can be easily controlled for the image view angle. Furthermore, the flexibility of recording setting for angle of view allows 4K2K videos at 15 frames/s output.

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Photograph 1 16.35M Pixels Sample Image (ISO 100 Equivalent)

Photograph 1

Figure 1 Package Size Comparisons

Approx. in volume ratio 53% smaller and thinner

Figure 1

Figure 2 Power Consumption Comparison

Figure 2

Table 1 Device Structure
Image size Diagonal 7.77 mm (Type 1/2.3) aspect ratio 4:3
Fabrication process Back-illuminated CMOS image sensor
Output format Digital 10 bit/12 bit 4 ch Sub-LVDS,
576 Mbps serial output
Total number of pixels 4768 (H) × 3516 (V), Approx. 16.76M
Number of effective pixels 4672 (H) × 3500 (V), Approx. 16.35M
Number of active pixels 4632 (H) × 3492 (V), Approx. 16.17M
Unit cell size 1.34 µm (H) × 1.34 µm (V)
Horizontal Front: 48 pixels, rear: 0 pixels
Vertical Front: 16 pixels, rear: 0 pixels
Power supply
Analog 2.8 V
Digital 1.2 V
I/O 1.8 V
PGA 24 dB
Input clock frequency Selectable from 72 MHz/36 MHz/24 MHz/12 MHz
Package size 10.7 mm (H) × 8.5 mm (V) × 1.52 mm (t)
Table 2 Image Sensor Characteristics
characteristic values
Sensitivity (F5.6) 1096 digit (Typ.)*1 1/30s accumulation, G signal
Saturation signal 2739 digit (Min.)*1 Tj = 60°C
Power consumption 220 mW All-pixel scan mode (12 bits)*2
Rolling shutter (at 0 dB and AD-Fullcount)
270 mW Full HD 60 frame/s
(at 0 dB and AD-Fullcount)

*1 1 digit ≈ 0.1296 [mV]
*2 10 [frame/s]

Table 3 Readout Modes
Drive mode Operation using Type 1/2.3, approx. 16.35M pixels (4:3)
Number of recommended recording pixels Frame rate
Number of A/D
conversion bits
All-pixel scan (12 bits) 4608 (H) × 3456 (V)
Approx. 15.92M pixels
10 12
All-pixel scan (10 bits) 4608 (H) × 3456 (V)
Approx. 15.92M pixels
12 10
Mode 1*1*2 2304 (H) × 1296 (V)
Approx. 2.99M pixels
60 10
Mode 2*1*2 2304 (H) × 1728 (V)
Approx. 3.98M pixels
30 10
Mode 3*1*2 1536 (H) × 1152 (V)
Approx. 1.77M pixels
60 10
Mode 4*1*2 1536 (H) × 384 (V)
Approx. 0.59M pixels
240 10
Mode 5*1*2 1536 (H) × 384 (V)
Approx. 0.59M pixels
30 10
Mode 6*1*2 1536 (H) × 180 (V)
Approx. 0.27M pixels
420 10
Mode 7*2 2304 (H) × 1296 (V)
Approx. 2.99M pixels
60 10
Mode 8*1*2 1536 (H) × 576 (V)
Approx. 0.88M pixels
120 10

*1 With horizontal addition
*2 With vertical addition

Note: This device was designed for use in consumer digital still cameras or camcorders and may not be appropriate for other applications.
Contact your Sony representative for consultation when considering this product for use in other applications.

*Sony reserves the right to change products and specifications without prior notice.


group photo_Designers

The team put their best efforts to develop and commercialize the IMX206CQC/HQC to pursuit smaller, thinner, and lower power consumption of full HD 1080p aiming for contribution to the product differentiation. We can heartily recommend the Sony's CMOS image sensors, the IMX206CQC/HQC, with the improved usability.