• In the mountains

    Superior communication coverage for tracking services even in mountainous areas

    • Finding the friends at the ski resorts
    • Monitoring of trecker
    • Distress rescue
    • Landslides report
    • Extermination or destructive animals
  • At sea

    Superior communication coverage for maritime services

    • Marine rescue
    • Monitoring of vessels
    • Monitoring offshore farming
    • Hazard alarm of disaster
    • Yacht race tracking
  • In urban

    Excellent interference immunity for services even in noisy urban areas

    • Bicycle rental
    • Remote monitoring of street lamp
    • Automated external defibrillator
    • Tracking of home delivery
    • Safety monitoring for children
  • For fast-moving objects

    High mobility for services to track fast-moving objects

    • Location tracking of long-distance trailer
    • Location monitoring of rent-a-car
    • Moving on the express train
    • Operation monitoring of the express bus
    • Location monitoring of drone
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