Trial Kit

Sony is pleased to announce the launch of a trial kit (receiver, transmitter and web application) rental plan that allows users to experience the innovative communication technology of ELTRES.
This plan has limitations on the location and communication environment, and the quantity is limited, so we would like to discuss about your business plan beforehand.

Trial Kit target area: United States, Europe, Asia and Australia

  • Base Station

    Base Station

    ・Receiver Unit Size : 450(W)×450(H)×157(D)mm

    ・Receiver Unit Weight : 15kg

    ・Power : 100~240V AC, 1A

    ・Indoor / Outdoor

    ・3G/LTE Network and Antenna

    ・GNSS antenna included

    ・LNA box included

    [USA, Europe, TAIWAN, Australia]

  • Multi Sensing Transmitter

    Multi Sensing Transmitter 20mW, 25mW

    ・RF Power : 14dBm (25mW)

    ・Size : 130 x 65 x 30mm

    ・Weight : 120g (w/o battery)

    ・Battery : AA x Lion Battery x 2

    ・GNSS : Latitude / Longitude / Altitude

    ・Sensor : 3-axis Acceleration /

    Temperature / Humidity

    ・Antenna : Built-in LPWA / GNSS

    ・External Sensor Interface : TBD

    [USA, Europe, TAIWAN, Australia]

Web Application

We will supply basic application software.

Web Application

Quoted from google map

Equipment and specifications may change without notice.

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