High-Resolution Support, Hybrid Noise-Canceling FunctionAudio Codec IC


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The trend toward wireless headphones has increased the demand for integration of high-resolution signal processing and noise-canceling functionality to the audio signal processing inside headphones.
In response to this need, Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation has developed the CXD3775AGF audio codec IC, combining excellent noise canceling alongside support for high-resolution signal processing.


  • Hybrid noise canceling
    • Feedback/feed-forward independent
      multi-stage filter configuration
    • Integrated 6-band equalizer path for audio line
    • Low-latency signal processing
  • High-resolution support
    • fs to 216 kHz and 16- bit to 24-bit support
    • Integrated sampling-rate converter
  • Microphone input
    • 2-channel stereo (analog and digital support)
  • Audio inputs
    • Analog line input
    • I2S support (digital)
  • High-performance ADC: 6 channels, DAC: 2 channels
  • Capless headphone output
  • Integrated Coretex-M0+
  • Support for filter adjustment using development tools

Block Diagram