Image Sensor for Camera


SLVS-EC: Scalable Low Voltage Signaling Embedded Clock

SLVS-EC is the new interface technology.
By using this technology, it's possible to realize the following new application worlds.

High Speed Function

[High Speed] Seam less Capture, High Quality: 1/240s Read-Out, High Speed Movie: 720 / 240frame/s → 1080 / 240frame/s Full HD 1080, Smaller and Easier CIS - DSP 1080 / 60frame/s 4Lane → 1Lane

Multi Stream Output

[Multi Stream Output] Hybrid Capture: Stream1 High Quality For Storage Stream2 High Speed For Control, High-DR: Stream1 Short Exposure Stream2 Long Exposure, Still/Movie Capture Stream1 Full HD Movie Stream2 Still Capture, Multi Frame Stream1 Stream2