• Sony continues bringing innovation to imaging technology with a focused on smaller and better performing image sensors such as the high sensitivity Exmor R back illuminated CMOS image sensor and the Exmor RS, an even higher performance compact stacked CMOS image sensor, to make mobile products from smartphones even more exciting the world over.
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IMX318 The Industry's First Stacked CMOS Image Sensor with Built-in Hybrid Autofocus and 3-Axis Electronic Image Stabilization Exmor RSIMX230 The Industry's First Stacked CMOS Image Sensor with an Image Plane Phase Detection Signal Processing Function for High-Speed AF Exmor RSIMX219PQ CMOS Image Sensor for Mobile Products (Smartphones or Tablets) Enabling HD Video Imaging at 180 Frame/s Exmor R

IMX318 Exmor RS IMX230 Exmor RS IMX219PQ Exmor R
Raspberry Pi for Camera Module V2
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2017年 11月13日
"概观" - IMX241, IMX332, IMX350, IMX351, IMX388, IMX408 - 已更新
2016年 12月8日
"概观" - IMX318 - 已更新
2016年 4月11日
"概观" - IMX298 - 已更新
2016年 2月16日
"新闻动态" 索尼发布Exmor RS™积层型CMOS影像传感器新品IMX318
- 业内首个内置复合自动对焦及3轴电子图像稳定功能的影像传感器
2015年 11月11日
"概观" - IMX258 - 已更新
2015年 7月21日
"概观" - IMX278 - 已更新
2015年 5月26日
"概观" - IMX230 - 已更新

* Exmor RS和Exmor R是索尼的商标。
* Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.