Image Sensor for Mobile

Sony Image Sensors bring more enjoyment to pictures and video

For sensing applications

High-speed imaging

Shooting video is a basic requirement in the field of sensing, and time resolution is at least as important as SNR or space resolution. The growing lineup of products equipped with Sony CMOS image sensors include products that offer a high speed frame rate at quadruple speed mode and twice the SNR.
Applicable products: IMX219PQ

Multiple cameras

Operating multiple cameras in synchronization enables systems capable of acquiring various types of image data. Sony CMOS image sensors are available in a product lineup that offers varied pixel counts and a slave mode for synchronized operation of multiple cameras.
The following capabilities are offered by synchronized operation of multiple cameras:

  • Real time acquisition of depth information using parallax between cameras
  • High dynamic range video shooting through the synthesis of video taken under differing exposure conditions
  • Reproduction of resolution through image synthesis
  • High SNR imaging through cancellation of random noise


Facial authentication and blood vessel authentication are relatively easy to embed in applications that are unable to implement more complex systems such as fingerprint or retina authentication. Yet these authentication methods can be bypassed with photographs, making them insufficient in terms of security.
Using IR to determine whether the person attempting authentication is present and using stereo cameras to incorporate depth information in facial recognition are effective means to achieve more secure systems.