Image Sensor for Mobile


IMX219PQIMX219PQ is a diagonal 4.60mm (Type 1/4.0) CMOS active pixel type image sensor with a square pixel array and 8.08M effective pixels. This chip operates with three power supplies, analogue 2.8V, digital 1.2 V, and IF 1.8 V, and has low power consumption. High sensitivity, low dark current, and no smear are achieved through the adoption of R, G, and B primary color pigment mosaic filters. This chip features an electronic shutter with variable charge-storage time.
In addition, this product is designed for use in cellular phone and tablet pc. When using this for another application, Sony does not guarantee the quality and reliability of product. Therefore, don't use this for applications other than cellular phone and tablet pc. Consult your Sony sales representative if you have any questions.

Product Brief

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IMX219PQ Press Release April, 2014

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