Image Sensor for Security & Surveillance



Surveillance cameras are provided for people's safety and security.
However, they are of little use unless they provide a clear image in a variety of environments.
Continuing advances in Sony's CMOS image sensors provide clear images even in adverse conditions,
allowing us to provide the necessary quality for our customers' high-quality surveillance camera designs.

Superior low light performance (0.5 lx)

The most essential characteristic required for surveillance cameras is a high degree of sensitivity.
Now for the first time, a back-illuminated pixel developed specifically for surveillance camera
has resulted in an outstanding improvement in sensitivity over our previous product structures.

comparison images about a back-illuminated pixel

NIR light (850 nmLED)

When surveillance cameras are used in low light conditions, high sensitivity is also required in
near-infrared illuminated environments. To meet this requirement, Sony has developed a CMOS image sensor
with higher sensitivity not only in the visible light range, but also in the near-infrared light range.

Sample images of near-infrared

Superior low light performance 12.4Mp (0.34 lx) with STARVIS
- Even Hi Resolution, almost the same performance as existing full HD sensor -

The focusing characteristics were optimized in order to bring out the maximum light
gathering effectiveness of the back-illuminated structure. As a result, we were able to achieve
good incident angle characteristics compared with our existing front-illuminated structures.

Sample images in superior low light performance