GPS/GNSS Receiver and Positioning Engine Solution

Sony Semiconductor Solutions GPS/GNSS receiver/processor chips use high-frequency analog circuits and digital signal processing circuits with proprietary designs to deliver accurate positioning with the lowest power consumption level in the industry. This low power consumption performance helps to extend the operating times of the IoT and wearable products that use GPS/GNSS.

As location-aware IoT (Internet of Things) devices intend to spread across almost every application, IoT devices are going to require different GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receiver design requirements. To deliver on IoT opportunities, system architects and designers need to look carefully at every aspect of system design and architecture to be able to enable the full potential of the IoT era. IoT devices are equipped with different connectivity sensors that can provide a reliable integrated location-awareness solution. IoT devices are mainly relying on the GNSS chip to deliver a service when no other RF signal is available. Hence, the GNSS chip is expected to maintain a robust and reliable performance even in harsh environments. The harsh environments include multipath environment, NLOS (Non-Line of Sight) GNSS signal reception, weak GNSS signal power reception, superimposed motion (e.g., arm swing, floating platform fluctuation…etc.), operation under freezing temperature, and interference.

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