Sony ANC technology

Sony’s ANC technology is based on digital, it is high-quality, high-performance and low power.
It offers flexibility ANC design and powerful suppression of ambient noise easily.

・High quality audio
・Smallest compact housing
・Total system integration
・Easy design noise canceling
・Long battery life
・Fully digital noise canceling
・Peak noise cancellation 40dB
・Noise cancellation range 20Hz to 1kHz
・Low power consumption
・Low noise
The Block diagram of ANC, An image of FF-Mic and FB-Mic and Speaker in the headphones speaker

Automatically select ANC mode

Intelligent noise canceling automatically selects the optimal profile based on your listening environment.

In-flight image,Image in the train,Office image

Adapt ANC performance to user

Personal adapter analyses personal characteristics like head size, glasses and hair, then adapts ANC performance to user.

Long haired woman wearing headphones,A photo of a man wearing sunglasses lying down,An image that shows the size of the headphones does not fit

Tap noise detector for remote control

User friendly interface is Tap detector.

Photo of man you are listening to music on headphones
Our Tap detector
・No need any external sensor.
・Feedforward microphone works as sensor.
・Possible to configure the signal level and time.
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