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Urban security is a major use case in the “smart city” concept that has been drawing increased attention recently.
There is a particular need for image sensors capable of high performance under low-light conditions to contribute to nighttime visibility.

Superior low light performance (0.5 lx)

The most essential characteristic required for security cameras is a high degree of sensitivity.
Now for the first time, a back-illuminated pixel developed specifically for security camera has resulted in an outstanding improvement in sensitivity over our previous product structures.

Comparison photo of newly developed back-illuminated pixel for surveillance camera and our previous products

NIR light (850 nmLED)

When security cameras are used in low light conditions, high sensitivity is also required in near-infrared illuminated environments. To meet this requirement, Sony has developed a CMOS image sensor with higher sensitivity not only in the visible light range, but also in the near-infrared light range.

A photograph shows higher sensitivity in the near-infrared light range compared to our previous products
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