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Supporting safety and security in society

Sony’s image sensors are used in security cameras in variety of applications, from surveillance of various facilities and buildings to the safety measures in the urban environment and traffic monitoring. Its applications have been extended in recent years to the domains of drive recorders and home security. The rich lineup of image sensors, characterized by features such as high sensitivity, low noise, and high dynamic range capabilities, contribute to a safe and secure society.


Facility surveillance

Security cameras are widely used for security surveillance at premises of commercial and financial institutions as well as airports.
In crowded areas, security cameras need features such as high resolution and wide angle of view, while for security measures in buildings after the lights are out, the high imaging performance in dark locations is essential.
Sony’s high range of image sensors for security applications cater to a variety of needs such as these.

Street monitoring

Security cameras are also widely in use to ensure safety on the streets in urban areas.
As the outdoor environment is more exposed to illuminance fluctuations than indoor environments, the camera needs high imaging performance. Sony’s image sensors support day-to-day security through their superior imaging performance that supersedes the sensitivity of the human eye, facilitating nighttime shooting, to which low-noise and high-sensitivity performance is crucial, and reducing over/under-exposed regions in the image shot under complex lighting arrangements involving bright and dark areas.

Traffic monitoring

For road safety, security cameras are used not only for monitoring traffic volumes, but also for identifying traffic congestions, detecting traffic accidents, vehicles driving in the wrong direction, and identifying vehicle registrations. Because these cameras are likely to be installed outdoor, where the conditions such as illuminance are demanding, Sony’s image sensors can deliver great performance with their excellent low-illuminance performance and high dynamic range.

Other areas

Drive recorders

Demand for drive recorders is growing rapidly. They are used to record the peripheral views of the vehicle in an event of a road incident and, more recently, take visual evidence of a tailgating car or ward off such a driver.
Sony’s image sensors with their high sensitivity and low noise technology, as well as high dynamic range technology, will ensure that images are captured regardless of daytime or nighttime.

Home security systems

Image sensors are also used to enhance security and safety at home. They can be used for a variety of purposes, including for guarding the house during a long period of absence and keeping an eye on elderly or young members of the family at home. Our image sensors can capture the target in clear images under various outdoor conditions.

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