Image Sensor

Super Slow Motion for Shooting a Dramatic Video

What is Super Slow Motion?

Sony‘s image sensor enables to record videos in super slow motion without needing an industrial high-speed camera.
The sensor can capture full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) images at 960 fps (frames per second). This is comparable to industry-spec cameras for broadcasting. You can create video images in smooth slow motion like professionals just using your smartphone.

Advantages of Super Slow Motion feature

Super Slow Motion lets you capture and record fast-moving objects, like running animals, or events that happen in a flash, so quickly that our eyes cannot catch, in a flawless slow-motion footage. You can also use it to check your golf or tennis swing. It is no longer a dream to create funny slow-motion videos that go viral on the social media or sensational slow-motion images that you only saw on TV. With this feature, ordinary scenes such as falling snow and views from a train window can be turned into dramatic images.

Technology behind Super Slow Motion

Super slow motion is realized by achieving higher speeds in many aspects of Sony’s CMOS image sensor. Firstly, the analog circuit that captures incident light has been accelerated by multiplying the A/D converter circuits, that converts light into digital signals, and connecting them in parallel.
Secondly, the digital circuits and data transfer are also improved. Sony’s unique stacked structure (*1), adopted in image sensors, allows powerful circuits and high-speed interfaces, essential for parallel operation, to be equipped with. Super slow motion requires faster shutter speeds, which limits the exposure and demands higher luminous sensitivity than when capturing still images. Sony’s image sensors have resolved this problem by realizing high sensitivity through improved pixel performance. Sony's CMOS image sensor allows you to make a setting on your smartphone so that the sensor detects sudden movements in the target and initiate high-speed shooting automatically. With this technology, you will never miss the crucial moment to catch on the dramatic scenes.

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