Image Sensor

The Sensor captures precise additional information to boost application potentials
Back-illuminated, Time of Flight (ToF) 3D image sensor

The years of expertise in imaging technology is combined with sensing technology to create
convenient and fun applications for new experiences

ToF brings new experiences

Virtual fitting / Virtual layout

ToF system can measure your foot size to choose the shoes that fit perfectly or measure your room to select the best size furniture. It helps you to virtually try various items from the comfort of your home.

Sensational spatial communication

ToF lets you transform the object in front of you into 3D animation, or draw pictures and symbols in the air and embed them in the ambient space. You can create images and share them with your friends. It is a totally unique communication experience.

Powerful support for your ideal photo

ToF measures the depth of field and enables highly technical effects for an impressive shot, like blurring the background just like using an SLR camera.

What’s ToF?

Obtains high-precision and high-resolution 3D depth information in real time

ToF is a system to measure the distance (depth information) to the target by emitting optical pulses from an emitter (laser source) onto the object and detecting how long it takes for the reflected light to reach the sensor (time difference).
The distance information is obtained per pixel, enabling high-precision, high-resolution 3D depth information to be generated in real time. This is ideal for 3D scanning and 3D face recognition, as well as autofocus assistance and bokeh effect for cameras. The scope of its applications may be expanded to the fast-developing technologies of Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) in the future.

Technology - Making camera modules smaller

  • Sony’s ToF image sensor has integrated the pixel technology of back-illuminated CMOS image sensor and Sony’s original pixel technology that enhances the reflected light readout accuracy, successfully reducing the size of the camera module. Leveraging the advantage of the back-illuminated structure, we have significantly improved the measurement processing speed and the electronic conversion efficiency for the range resolution. The ToF image sensor is equipped with a drive mode, that boosts the sensitivity in long-distance scanning of approximately 10 m, which has been a challenge for conventional ToF image sensors, achieving a higher detection rate. At short distance of approximately 30 to 100 cm, the sensor can produce high-precision VGA 3D images.

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