Image Sensor

An image sensor is a crucial component in smartphones for taking pictures.
Though it is hidden behind the camera lens, its performance is directly relevant to the quality of images and videos shot with the camera.
There are three areas in which Sony’s mobile image sensors deliver high performance and high quality to enhance your life with a smartphone: “Viewing” for assisting to capture your treasured moments in photos and videos, “Sensing” for detecting distance, recognizing faces, and providing many more additional information to various applications, and “Intelligence” that brings the potential of AI feature into the mobile world.

  • Viewing

    Always the best shot no matter the conditions

    A snap with family or friends, beautiful landscape or townscape, or a movie shot to capture the crucial moment―whatever the scene, to capture it just like it appears to our eyes, image sensor is the key to make this happen. With the advanced imaging technology powered by years of expertise, Sony’s image sensors make sure the moment is not missed. It opens up new possibilities to smartphone photography.

  • Sensing

    High-precision additional information detected by the image sensor for boosting application potentials

    Useful and fun applications are made possible through the integration of state-of-the-art sensing technology, such as back-illuminated Time of Flight (ToF) 3D image sensor, and Sony’s imaging technology backed by years of expertise. Photo assistance such as the background bokeh effect, AR-enabled games, a new mode of communication using spatial expressions―the sensor can create a whole new experience.

  • Intelligence

    Supporting people by capturing previously unrecognized information and meanings

    AI is expanding the scope of its application. AI-enabled image sensors could improve image quality and functionality, create new applications with enhanced recognition technology, and open up a whole lot of other possibilities in the future.

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