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Pregius,Pregius S Make Sense of Images

What's Pregius?

Pregius is a global shutter pixel technology based on Sony's low-noise CCD structure. Active pixel CMOS image sensors used in these products produce high-quality images.
This technology was named Pregius to represent the combination of the low-noise performance of CCD with the high-speed and high-precision performance (Precision GS) of global shutter (GS) required by FA applications.

Global Shutter

  • Global Shutter

  • Rolling Shutter

In industrial applications there is often a demand to recognize the accurate form of fast-moving objects. Until now, a rolling shutter has been used as the electronic shutter mechanism in CMOS image sensors; therefore, unavoidable intrinsic distortion of the focal plane occurs.

  • Global Shutter

  • Rolling Shutter

The existing CMOS image sensors have a rolling shutter as the electronic Shutter function; therefore, flash band phenomenon was inevasible in principle.


One major benefit of Pregius is high-quality imaging at high speeds. This enables high-speed, high-precision, machine vision-based image scanning of the production line, which significantly improves productivity. This technology also increases the efficiency of image scanning such as by specifying and recording a partial area of the screen to further improve production efficiency.

Sony offers an extensive lineup to cover various needs such as industry, public infrastructure, and video recording.

Pregius S

The newly developed Pregius S includes a back-illuminated structure to reduce the size of image sensors and improve frame rates while still maintaining the high imaging performance of Pregius. This new technology improves production line efficiency even further. The use of a laminated structure has enabled expanded functionality.

The back-illuminated structure and Pregius global shutter pixel technology enables miniaturization of image sensors and faster operation while maintaining high-quality imaging. Utilization of lamination technology also enables expanded functionality.

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