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Ultraviolet (UV) Image Sensor

  • Type 2/3 (diagonal 11.0 mm) CMOS image sensor with approx. 8.13 effective megapixels with UV spectrum capability

Today, many industrial equipment fields are eager to adopt sensing technology that supersedes the abilities of human eyes, and the sensing of images beyond the spectrum of visible light—that is, the ultraviolet (UV) range—is in greater demand.
IMX487 is an image sensor with UV imaging capability while its Pregius S technology(*1) facilitates the global shutter function and high speed operation. It is adaptable to a wide range of use cases such as, apart from the typical semiconductor pattern inspection, material sorting at a recycling plant, inspection of micro-defects on product surfaces, and infrastructure inspections as well as in life science.

(*1) Fine out more about Pregius S technology.


Global shutter CMOS image sensor specialized for the UV spectrum
  • With the structure specially designed for the properties of the UV wavelengths coupled with Pregius S technology, the image sensor can capture undistorted images of moving objects within a UV range of 200–400 nm and at a high frame rate of 193 fps (operated in the 10-bit mode). This image sensor has a potential to expand the scope of application from the conventional use of UV cameras in the inspection of semiconductors, etc. to areas that require high-speed capability, such as sorting of recycled materials.
Low noise
  • This image sensor has adopted the component materials dedicated for UV range imaging, and a special structure has been developed for its light receiving area. These make it possible to maintain high UV sensitivity while significantly minimizing noises to produce high quality images.
Smaller pixels
  • The pixels are miniaturized down to 2.74 um while maintaining high UV sensitivity, realizing a small multi-pixel sensor of the 2/3 type with approximately 8.13 megapixels. It serves well with factory automation, but also for many other purposes, notably for outdoor use for infrastructure inspections, by virtue of its portability and high resolution.

What is UV?

The diagram below is a simplified illustration of the light spectrum. Ultraviolet (UV) has shorter wavelengths than visible light, typically ranging between 10–400 nm. IMX487 covers the range between 200–400 nm, which is the UV range suitable for industrial applications.


[Fig. 1] Wavelength of light (ultraviolet 10nm to 400nm)


Item IMX487-AAMJ-C
Image size Diagonal 11.1 mm
(Type 2/3)
Effective pixels 2856 (H) × 2848 (V)
approx. 8.13 megapixels
Unit cell size 2.74 μm (H) × 2.74 μm (V)
Frame rate All-pixel readout mode 8bit 194 fps
10bit 193 fps
12bit 127 fps
Input drive frequency 37.125 MHz / 74.25 MHz / 54 MHz
Power supply Analog 3.3 V、2.9 V
Digital 1.1 V
Interface 1.8 V
Shutter mode Global shutter
Output interface SLVS-EC : 8/4/2/1 lane
SLVS : 8ch / 4 ch
Package dimensions 20.0 mm (H) × 16.8 mm (V)

Relative quantum efficiency of IMX487

* Data may vary depending on conditions and the environment.

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