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Traffic violations are a common social issue not only in developed countries where cars are widespread but also in emerging countries where cars are becoming increasingly popular. Enforcement of traffic laws helps prevent traffic accidents and maintain a traffic environment where everyone can drive safely. Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are a type of infrastructure used to help with this enforcement. Governments continue to make efforts towards a safe automotive society, including the use of cameras to detect traffic violations such as speeding and ignoring of signals as well as the implementation of preventive safety measures that use license plate recognition and driver face recognition.

Traffic systems are used 24 hours a day/365 days a year without a shutdown. Vehicles travel at high speeds and imaging conditions are varied, including strong daylight conditions and artificial lighting used at night. These harsh environments require high-quality, high-speed image processing. Sony's global shutter CMOS image sensors can reliably capture such subjects.

Typical Use Cases

  • License Plate Recognition
    A global shutter image sensor that supports high-speed shutter operation and reading is most suitable for identifying license plates of vehicles moving at high speeds. A high-resolution image sensor is most suitable for covering multiple lanes and types of vehicles.
  • Driver Face Recognition
    Law enforcement sometimes requires the ability to identify drivers and vehicle types in addition to license plates. A high-sensitivity color image sensor is most suitable for recognizing wider ranges and different objects.
  • Violation Detection
    A high-resolution image sensor that can capture a wide range of signals, signs, and vehicles simultaneously is most suitable in detecting violations of signals and signs at intersections.

Recommended Image Sensors

  • Global shutter
    Image Sensor
    • Pregius
    • Pregius

    Distortion-free imaging with low noise

    Learn more

  • Polarization Image Sensor
    • Polarsens

    Clear imaging without reflections – improved face recognition

    Learn more

Global shutter Image Sensor
Distortion-free imaging with low noise

  • Pregius
  • Pregius


  • Distortion-free imaging of vehicles in motion

    Image sensors with a global shutter type offer accurate, undistorted imaging of vehicles and license plates moving at high speeds. Favorable PLS*1 characteristics also enable imaging without headlight blur.

    *1 : Parasitic Light Sensitivity

  • Capture license plates in several lanes at once

    High-resolution sensors allow for capture of license plates of multiple vehicles on a multi-lane road. Choose from a broad range of models, from compact to high-resolution sensors, according to the number of lanes.

  • Clear imaging even under low light

    Even in dark environments, the high-sensitivity and low-noise performance of the sensors enables clear license plate imaging for accurate information recognition.

Demonstration Video : ITS Applications

Polarization Image Sensor
Clear imaging without reflections – improved face recognition

Comparison of 3 camera system images

  • No polarizing filter

    The reflection of the window glass prevents to see inside the vehicle.

  • With polarizing filter

    Using a polarizing filter, reflections on the window glass can be removed. However, depending on the type of vehicle (window angle), it is difficult to see inside.

  • Polarization Image Sensor*2

    Using a polarization image sensor, reflection can be removed for almost all types of vehicle.*3

  • *2 : Applies polarization signal processing to eliminate reflections.
  • *3 : Depends on environment and other conditions. For details, please refer to our white paper.

Demonstration Video :
Reflection Removal Performance Comparison

Learn more information in the white paper

White Paper

The Principle of Reflection Removal Utilizing Polarization
and Features of Polarization Image Sensor

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