Image Sensor

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Semiconductors are important components of electronic products. Strict quality control must be applied for semiconductor manufacturing processes. Of course, quality inspections performed at each process ensure product quality. They also significantly affect productivity of each manufacturing device/station.

To increase the productivity of manufacturing devices/stations, image scanning processes must be faster. As process rules continue to become more and more advanced, increased performance of image sensors, which are the key devices of machine vision applications, continues to be demanded.

Sony's image sensors are designed to meet demands for high image quality and high-speed scanning.

Typical Use Cases

  • Defect Scanning
    A high-sensitivity and high-resolution image sensor is most suitable in detecting pattern defects and minute foreign particles generated by semiconductor wafer manufacturing processes and photomask manufacturing processes.
  • Positioning
    A high-speed and compact image sensor is most suitable for high-accuracy positioning and alignment verification in prober and dicer processes.
  • Wire Bonding
    A high-speed and high-resolution image sensor is most suitable in bonding processes applicable to miniaturization efforts.

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