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Machine Vision

Machine Vision

Importance of Image Sensor on Manufacturing Automation

Production managers are under constant pressure to increase the output quality and productivity of their facilities while at the same time reducing the total costs of manufacturing lines. Furthermore, the new Industry 4.0 revolution calls for utmost flexibility in production.

The key device is image sensor.

Sony‘s CMOS image sensors using "Pregius" technology with the higher speed, resolution, image quality and the rich feature provide unprecedented opportunities to build very flexible machine vision systems with high accuracy and throughput at moderate costs.

Image Sensor flow

Understanding "Pregius"

Sony‘s CMOS image sensors using “Pregius” technology are also capable to start and stop the light exposure time for all pixels simultaneously, (known as global shutter). CMOS image sensor technology has continued to evolve with unprecedented advances in resolution, frame rate, sensitivity, readout-noise, high dynamic range and control features that enable new applications in industrial imaging.

Beyond CCD :

Pregius technology is possible to implement applications with an image quality and speed that was inconceivable with CCD technology. And, Pregius are a replacement to their CCD equivalents.

  CMOS Image Sensor CCD Image Sensor
Electronic Shutter Global Shutter Rolling Shutter Global Shutter
Output Signal Digital Digital Analog
Frame Rate Very High High Standard
Power Consumption Low Low Standard
Image Quality Very High Standard High
Functionality Very High High Low

Comparison in Sony's products

Features and Benefits :

  • High resolution allows for more detailed inspection, especially in industry at the inspection of display panels, solar panels, wafers, etc. as well as in food and glass production where smallest defects can be detected.
  • High frame rates allow for more throughput/productivity while the ROI features provide even higher readout-speeds.
  • High sensitivity enables very short exposure times which allow for blur-free captures of fast moving objects, e.g. on a conveyor belt.
  • High dynamic range captures ensuring detailed pictures of shiny or specular surfaces
  • Low noise improves detection accuracy, and it improves quality and productivity of manufacturing.
  • Lower noise characteristics under high temperature condition can solve the problem of heat generation caused by machine vision camera miniaturization and the limitation problem of production line environment and installation location. In addition, it can realize high detection accuracy.
  • Features like various trigger modes reduce the need for external control peripherals and allow new innovated solutions for demanding applications possible.

Pregius technology can offer the suitable products for each application. With machine vision, a high-spec type variant for leading-edge machine vision applications and a standard-spec variant for standard machine vision are available.

*Also refer to image sensor of large format of rolling shutter as one of the solutions for large area inspection. Please contact a sales office in your area for details.

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