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Freight volumes in the logistics industry have dramatically increased in recent years due to the worldwide spread of e-commerce. As a result, the lack of processing capacity due to constant labor shortages has become a chronic and serious problem.

Because of this, distribution centers are rapidly moving to increase automation and reduce manual labor. Machine vision is attracting attention as a viable solution.

Image recognition technologies are used to identify packages via barcode readers and also in other related processes including picking, sorting, and transport of packages.

Sony's CMOS image sensors produce the high-quality images at high speeds required by distribution sites that demand speed and reliability.

Typical Use Cases

  • Identification
    A high-speed image sensor is most suitable in scanning barcodes affixed to packages that are transported in large quantities and at high speed. Low-resolution and high-resolution image sensors can be used in accordance with the type and number of barcodes.
  • Picking and Sorting
    A high-speed, high-quality color, global shutter image sensor that can correctly identify colors and shapes of objects is most suitable for image recognition applications used to perform picking and sorting operations correctly.
  • Automatic Transport
    A global shutter image sensor that is compact and produces no distortion due to operation/vibration is most suitable for AGV that reads guide lines in distribution warehouses and factories.

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