Image Sensor

FPD Manufacturing

Flat panel displays (FPD) are used in many applications from digital signs and other large devices to smartphones, smart watches, and other small devices. Products of different size and performance continue to be brought to the market. Companies also continue to develop new display devices.

Because the manufacture of FPD includes many processes from acceptance of mother glass to the final product, manufacturers need to perform accurate quality inspections to improve yields and reliably detect defects at each process.

Image-based scanning is now used in many of these processes. Sony's industrial image sensors have the high-sensitivity, high-resolution, high-speed, and low-noise performance to help to improve quality control and productivity of manufacturing processes.

Typical Use Cases

  • Pitch Measuring
    FPD manufacturing processes include various measuring processes, such as wiring pitch, mask width, gaps, and bonding positions. A low-noise, high-resolution, and high-speed image sensor is most suitable here.
  • Defect Scanning
    Various inspections must be performed including fine defects in mother glass surfaces, errors in wiring patterns during array processes, and impurities in cell surfaces.A high-quality, high-resolution, and high-speed image sensor is most suitable here.
  • Variance Scanning
    Layer variance must be detected during array processes, and color and brightness variance must be detected during module processes.Correction amounts must also be determined during such processes. A low-noise, high-saturation, and high-resolution image sensor with stable in-plane pixel performance is most suitable here.

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