Image Sensor

Electronics Manufacturing

Electronic products are indispensable to the life of modern people. The types and forms of products continue to grow and expand.

Manufacturing processes of electronic components requires the same level of quality control as mobile devices, PCs, and other precision equipment.

Wiring patterns on circuit boards of electronic devices and component mounting continue to become more and more advanced resulting in increased reliance on image scanning in manufacturing processes.

Sony's image sensors help to ensure proper product quality control with image quality high enough to detect minute errors and high-speed operation that improves productivity.

Typical Use Cases

  • Mounter
    Accurate positioning can be performed when mounting electronic components to circuit boards. A high-speed image sensor is most suitable here.
  • Board Inspections
    A high-speed and high-resolution image sensor is most suitable in inspecting component mountings on circuit boards. Color and monochrome sensors can be used in accordance with the properties of a particular substrate.
  • Exterior Inspections
    Our image sensors can be used to inspect small devices. Smartphones stand out as a popular example of this application. A high-speed and high-resolution image sensor is most suitable here.

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