Image Sensor

Automotive Manufacturing

Automotive manufacturing processes include long production lines of pressing, welding, and painting processes as well as assembly processes in which a huge number of parts are assembled. Automotive manufacturing processes are complicated processes, yet they are one of the most advanced industries of automation of manufacturing lines. As an example, robotic systems are used in the transport and welding processes.

Multiple applications of machine vision are utilized in these manufacturing lines to inspect parts, control robot arm positions, measure pressed parts and weld beads, and inspect paint quality.

Sony offers an extensive lineup of industrial image sensors with excellent imaging performance to provide devices optimized for the requirements of automotive production processes.

Typical Use Cases

  • Weld Inspections
    A high-sensitivity, high-saturation, and high-speed image sensor is most suitable in quality inspections of welds where vehicle body has many.
  • Paint Inspections
    A high-resolution and high-saturation image sensor and polarization sensor are most suitable in detecting unevenness in color, impurities, and scratches of exterior pieces.
  • Assembly Processes
    A compact, high-speed, and low-power image sensor is most suitable for compact cameras used to control high-precision robot arms.

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