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January 12, 2022

Sony Semiconductor Solutions establishes new corporate slogan
Expanding the possibilities of sensing technology and aiming to become the global leader in sensing as well as imaging

Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation

Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation ("SSS") has established its new corporate slogan, "Sense the Wonder," as a measure to help all stakeholders understand the philosophy and business activities of the SSS Group.

SSS is responsible for the Imaging & Sensing business activities of the Sony Group, for which it is a wholly owned subsidiary. Since beginning operations in April 2016, SSS has continued to evolve together with the Sony Group, under its mission “to spark imaginations and enrich society through the power of technology.” In the future, SSS aims to become the world's leading company in sensing applications, which will continue to expand into various fields such as automotive and industrial equipment. “Sense the Wonder" is a phrase that not only expresses the purpose of the SSS Group, but is also a corporate message that calls for the SSS Group to work as one to "feel more curiosity" and "make the world more full of surprises and excitement.”

On Tuesday January 25, from 1:00 p.m. to 2:15 p.m. (Japan time), SSS will hold “Sense the Wonder Day” online, for stakeholders including employees, partners and students. SSS President and CEO Terushi Shimizu will share his thoughts on the new corporate message and introduce the key people and technologies that will support the fields of imaging and sensing technology.

Please look forward to the future of the SSS Group, which aims to continue its role as an essential part of society as a leading company.

  • Read more about the corporate slogan “Sense the Wonder” here.

About Sony Semiconductor Solutions
Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Group Corporation and the global leader in image sensors. We strive to provide advanced imaging technologies that bring greater convenience and joy to people’s lives. In addition, we also work to develop and bring to market new kinds of sensing technologies with the aim of offering various solutions that will take the visual and recognition capabilities of both human and machines to greater heights.
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