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December 4, 2019

Sony Semiconductor Solutions Announces OpenChain Conformance

Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation

October 29, 2019 – Today Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation announces conformance with the OpenChain standard for open source compliance in the supply chain.

Sony Semiconductor Solutions Announces OpenChain Conformance

As a global leader of imaging & sensing technology, Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation has built a quality management system including open source compliance so that our customers can use our products and services with confidence. We express our commitment to support a highly transparent supply chain for customers' open source compliance through our own OpenChain conformance."

Message from Shane Coughlan, OpenChain General Manager;
"Sony is a key member of the OpenChain Governing Board and the broader global OpenChain community," says Shane Coughlan, OpenChain General Manager. "Their work in building engagement from existing and new stakeholders has been remarkable. Today they are taking a leadership position once more, with Sony Semiconductor announcing OpenChain Conformance, a step that further illustrates the practical, real-world applicability of our international standard for open source compliance."



About the OpenChain Project
The OpenChain Project builds trust in open source by making open source license compliance simpler and more consistent. The OpenChain Specification defines a core set of requirements every quality compliance program must satisfy. The OpenChain Curriculum provides the educational foundation for open source processes and solutions, whilst meeting a key requirement of the OpenChain Specification. OpenChain Conformance allows organizations to display their adherence to these requirements. The result is that open source license compliance becomes more predictable, understandable and efficient for participants of the software supply chain.

About The Linux Foundation
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