Building Launch of New Fab “Fab5” at Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing’s
Nagasaki Technology Center: Enhancement of CMOS Image Sensor
Production System to Supply Customers Around the World

May 24 2021

The new fab, dubbed “Fab5,” whose construction had been progressing since 2020 on the premises of Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing’s Nagasaki Technology Center (hereafter “Nagasaki TEC”) in Isahaya City, Nagasaki Prefecture, has been completed. A building completion ceremony was held on April 20th and attended by Kenzo Yoneda, Director-General of the Kyushu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry; Hodo Nakamura, Governor of Nagasaki Prefecture; Yukishige Okubo, Mayor of Isahaya City, and others.

Nagasaki TEC plays an important role as a main core factory for the production of CMOS image sensors used in smartphones. “Fab5” which has now started operation was constructed with the goal of becoming the best innovative and ideal factory in the world.

At the ceremony, Kenichiro Yoshida, Representative Corporate Executive Officer, Chairman, President and CEO of Sony Group Corporation, delivered a greeting as a representative of the organizers, stating:
“Sony is a creative entertainment company with a solid foundation of technology. Among the various technologies that supports our diverse businesses, the core is imaging and sensing technologies, represented by our CMOS image sensors. They are the key device for smartphone cameras, which is indispensable part of people's daily lives and Sony's CMOS image sensors has the No.1 global market share.
We remain grateful for all of your support, and Sony will continue to work together as one to deliver the image sensors produced here at the Nagasaki Technology Center to our customers around the world.”

Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing will make plans to expand the production facilities within Fab5 in response to the trends of the market, while enhancing its production system and supplying high-resolution, high-performance CMOS image sensors from Nagasaki to customers worldwide.

■ Video: “Progress until Completion of Fab5, Nagasaki TEC”

[MP4: 104MB]

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