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Quality Policy -Quality First: We give our quality priority over our profit. -To build a great relationship of trust with customers, we continually improve the Quality Management System suitable to the business environment, in effort to achieve No.1 Quality (No.1 customer satisfaction and minimizing the quality loss). Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation, Sony LSI Design Incorporated, and Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation. Representative Director and President of Terushi Shimizu, July 1st, 2019

We have established a quality assurance system conforming to the IATF 16949 standard as well as ISO 9001, and all of our divisions, related departments, and factories aim to realize “No. 1 Quality (No. 1 customer satisfaction in the industry with minimum quality losses)” on the basis of our values of “Quality First / giving priority to quality over individual profits,” along with conducting various quality improvement activities.

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Dear valued customers

Thank you very much for your continued patronage of our products.
We are pleased to announce that "Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation Quality and Reliability Handbook Vol. 3," which summarizes our concept for the quality and reliability of our products and some of our research and development results, has been completed.
At Sony Semiconductor Solutions, we deliver semiconductor products that form the basis of key technologies in all industries to our customers through our comprehensive technology of the highest quality.
In order to continue to be a reliable device manufacturer for our customers, we strive to ensure high product quality and reliability through a consistent quality management system from product planning to design, manufacturing, evaluation, and service across all of our departments.
The "Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation Quality and Reliability Handbook" has been prepared with the aim of widely introducing our concept of quality and reliability and precautions on usage of our products to our customers, and obtaining their understanding of our products. We hope that you can utilize this Handbook as an aid to improving the quality and reliability of your products and services.

Representative Director, President and CEO
Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation
Representative Director and President
Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation
Sony LSI Design Inc.
Terushi Shimizu

At Sony Semiconductor Solutions Group, we engage in our business activities with the aim of contributing to the enrichment of our customers' lifestyles through product development utilizing the latest technology.
Along with significant changes in our lifestyles such as the introduction of automatic driving and the rapid evolution of IoT technology, the quality and reliability expected of products has become more important than ever.
Against this backdrop, we are working on improving the quality and reliability of our products, with a focus on contributing to our customers with an open mindset.
In addition to introducing our initiatives outlined above, the Handbook has been prepared with the aim of helping our customers improve the quality of their products and services through the more accurate use of our products in terms of quality and reliability.
We hope that this Handbook gives you a deeper understanding of our stance on manufacturing activities, which consists of providing “KANDO” (excitement) to our customers through quality and reliability. Once again, thank you very much for your continued support and cooperation.

Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation
Head of Quality and Reliability Department
Senior General Manager, Quality & Environmental Division
Dai Sugimoto

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