Environment, CSR, and Quality


Our Group builds closer ties with society and our communities to fulfill our corporate social responsibility.

Collecting pull tabs to donate wheelchairs

Image of children donating wheelchairs from a ring pull collection activity

Since 2001, pull tabs from empty beverage cans have been collected and exchanged for wheelchairs that are donated to schools for disabled children, senior centers, and other recipients by Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing. The scope of this activity is not limited to the Sony Group, and has grown to include local elementary and middle schools providing enough donations each year for two wheelchairs.

  • *The number of pull tabs needed per wheelchair varies depending on the price of aluminum and the type of wheelchair.

Vaccinating children around the world

Image of children surrounding caps of collected empty plastic bottles

Plastic bottle caps collected in this voluntary program are donated in exchange for vaccinating children around the world. The program has also been supported by the women’s handball team BLUE SAKUYA since 2008 through the “My rule, my reason” initiative. A donation equivalent to one vaccine is given for each point scored and each 7 m throw blocked in league games.

Voluntary community cleanup

Image cleaning activities

Each year, cleanups are held near technology centers. Employees and family members also pick up trash at walking events held mainly for fitness. These activities are an opportunity for each of us to raise environmental awareness and help protect the natural environment.

Table for Two

Since 2010 we have supported the Table For Two program. The Group adds to donations in the cafeteria by employees who support this program, and these funds are provided to the Table For Two program through the foodservice provider.

Handball coaching

Image of handball competition instruction for local children

Members of the Sony women’s handball team BLUE SAKUYA also serve as handball coaches for local students. We hope that these experiences show children the fun of sports and instill a respect for rules and teamwork.

Supporting sparsely populated villages

To help revitalize rural areas with graying and declining populations, Oita Technology Center of Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing supports these villages through a program organized by the prefectural government. Since 2009, volunteers have assisted in tasks such as weeding, cleaning, and road maintenance in their free time.

Organizing manufacturing-themed workshops

Image of children and Group employees in the “Monozukuri Class”

Highlighting the enjoyable aspects of manufacturing, we organize workshops to nurture children’s creativity with an interest in science and technology.

Supporting Oita International Wheelchair Marathon

Image of employees participating as volunteer staff

Organized by Oita Prefecture, the Oita International Wheelchair Marathon draws many participants each year, and employees assist as volunteer staff members. Seeing the commitment of the marathoners has left quite an impression, and each year, more people volunteer.

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