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Business Continuity Management (BCM)

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) Initiatives

The Sony Semiconductor Solutions Group has specified, analyzed, and evaluated risks, and has strengthened its business continuity planning (hereinafter abbreviated to "BCP") from the perspectives of enhancing risk management throughout the supply chain, in order to mitigate the risk of business interruption due to natural disasters such as earthquakes, as well as various other accidents and disasters, etc., in accordance with Sony Group policies.

The Great East Japan Earthquake and severe flooding in Thailand in 2011, as well as the earthquakes in the Kumamoto region of Japan in 2016, had a major impact on the electronics industry. However, we utilized our experience in business continuity measures to respond as a single unit across the entire company, including top management, and were able to minimize the impact of the interruptions to production.

Since 2016, we have reassessed the risks to each of our bases with the lessons learned and experience gained from the Kumamoto Earthquake, aiming to further strengthen our BCP from the perspectives of mitigating the risk of disaster, such as the enhancement of earthquake resistance, and the speeding up of the actions towards achieving a prompt resumption to business after a disaster.
In order to further enhance the effectiveness of BCP, we have partnered with affiliated companies and organizations, etc., to engage in BCM activities on an organization-wide basis, including the holding of practical training.

In addition, in order to contribute to the enhanced competitiveness and strengthened supply chain of Japanese industry as a whole, we have also shared our knowledge gained from the restoration activities at the time of the Kumamoto Earthquake with affiliated companies and local companies, etc., through industry groups.

BCP/BCM have been positioned as important management initiatives at the Sony Semiconductor Solutions Group, and we will continue to work on effective and practical measures across the company, based on the responses to previous large scale disasters that have been experienced.

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