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Development, Design, and Production Initiatives

As a leading company in image sensors, the Sony Semiconductor Solutions Group provides the advanced high-quality products through integrated operations from product planning to development, design, and production.

The outline flow from planning to mass production of CMOS image sensors

【Product planning】Determine'ahet kind of product(device)to make'based on customer needs and business plan. → 【Specification Review】Review specifications of image sensors as well as lenses implemented together. → 【Design】Design the circuits of function aspects as a images sensor such as a drive timing,interfaces and image processing.Design pixels and readout circuits.→【Prototyping →【Evaluation】Verify accurate imaging and functions by shooting various subjects in a variety of environments(including dark rooms)→【Preparations for Mass Production】Measure image sensors with testers to obtain data for mass production.Test and verify correct operation even in hot/cold environments. →【Mass production】Aside from 【Product planning】 or 【Specification Review】,【Core Technology Development】New development of basic technologoes such as materials,pixel structures and drive mechanicsms to improve function and perfoemance.→【Design】

Stacked CMOS image sensor design

『Design:Pixel section chip』①【Specification Review】Define pixel function implementation and connection with circuit section.→②【Circuit design (pixel/analog circuits) To meet specifications,design photoelectric conversion/drive structures;design image signal readout circuit and so on.
						『Design:Circuit section chip』①【Specification Review】Define functionality and implementation of pixel readout,signal processing circuits,and connection with pixel section.→②【Circuit design (pixel/logic analog circuits) Design each functional block that will meet defined specifications as a logic or analog circuit.
						→③【Simulation & Verification】Verify that circuit design results match defined specificatons. →④【Overall verification】Confirm throu simulation that no functional issues arise when both sections are combined.→repeat②〜④→⑤【Layout design】Convert circuit design into physically manufacturable element and wiring layout data.→⑥【Layout verification】Confirm that layout design results meet performance and characteristics criteria as designed. →⑦【Overall verification】Superimpose layout data of both sections to confirm connection if both sections.→repeat⑤〜⑦→Continue to Production.
『Production』Wafer processes (Front-end processes)【Substrate process】Photodiodes and other elements that convert incident light into charge are formed on silicon wafers.→【Wiring process】Each element formed in the substrate process is connected with metal wire.→【Stacking process】Pixel wafers and outsourced logic circuit wagfers are stacked.→【On-chip color filter process】Color filters that transmit each RGB light and on-chip lens are formed over pixels.→【Wafer measurement process】Product quality and reliability is confirmed in the water form.→『Assembly processes Back-end processes)』【Dicing process】Silicon wafers are cut into individual chip(dice).→【Die/wire bonding process】Chip(dice)are glued onto a metal lead frame,and electrodes are connected with a metallic material.→【Mold process】The package is sealeda with a resin sealant.→【Assembly measurement Process】Product quality and reliability is confirmed in the diced chip form.→【Packing, Shipment】Products are shipped to customers.
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