CPU ARM® Cortex®-M4F ×6
Clock Up to 156MHz
SRAM 1.5MB*1
Flash Memory 8MB
Digital I/O Pins SPI, I2C, UART, PWM ×4 (3.3V)
Analog Pins 6ch (3.3V range)
Audio I/O 8ch Dgital MICs or 4ch Analog MICs, Stereo Speaker
GNSS GPS, GLONASS, supported
Others Camera IF*2, SD CARD, I2S

*1 Note that 1.5 MB of the SRAM is used for loading the firmware images during startup

*2 Parallel Camera IF will be supported in next product.

SPRITZER Chip Set Main Features

Positioning Features

  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Multiple GNSS systems supported

Audio Products for Music Lovers Provide New User Experience

  • 192 kHz/24bit High-Resolution audio
  • Audio codec with 8 input channels and 2 output channels

ARM® Cortex®-M4Fs

  • Computation power on demand
  • ex. Audio processing, Recognition of sensor data.
Spritzer Power/Audio
Pin configuration 100pin WLCSP 185pin FCBGA 156pin WLCSP
Package size [mm] 4.2 × 4.15 6.5 × 6.5 5.34 × 5.56
Package height [mm] 0.5 1.0 0.5
Ball pitch [mm] 0.35 0.4 0.4
I/F function CXD5602GF
Note Typical Use
Serial Flash/SPI0 (M) Single/Quad × 1 Single/Quad × 1 SPI0: 39MHz/32MHz SPI Flash (Quad)
SDIO/SPI5(M) - 1   SDIO: WiFi
eMMC/SPI5 (M) eMMC/SPI (M) eMMC/SPI (M) SPI5: 13MHz/6.5MHz SPI5: LTE
SPI (M) 1 1 SPI4: SPI4: Display
UART 1 1 UART: 3Mbps/2Mbps UART2: BT/BLE
Configurable I/O UART UART UART: RX/TX line only UART: Debug
Host I/F 1 1 SPI (S) 4Mbps/2.7Mbps
UART 3Mbps/2Mbps
I2C3 (S)
SPI2: Host
Sensor I/F SPI3 (M) 3 Chip Select 3 Chip Select SPI3: 6.5MHz SPI3: Sensor
Sensor I/F I2C2 (M) 2 2   I2C2: Sensor
Voice ADC 2 2    
Sensor ADC 4 4    
PWM 4 4 I2C1 (background)  
Image Sensor I/F - 1   ISX012
I2S 1 2   I2S0: LTE
USB Link+PHY Link+PHY Support USB 2.0 Device