Privacy Policy

Company Policies concerning the Protection of Personal Information

This policy was established and took effect on April 1, 2016.

Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation is aware that personal information provided by customers is a valuable asset, and accordingly, complies with all applicable laws and regulations when handling such personal information. The Company also appropriately handles, manages, and maintains personal information in accordance with the Sony Group Privacy Policy set forth below. To ensure proper handling of valuable personal information, all officers and employees comply with internal regulations for its protection, and the Company maintains those regulations through continuous review and improvement.

Terushi Shimizu
Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation

Sony Group Privacy Policy (*)


Each Sony Group company (hereinafter called "Sony E understands that customers entrust Sony with their Personal Information based on the trust that it will be used only for specific purposes. Sony respects the customers Etrust and places a high management priority on properly protecting such Personal Information and limiting its use to such purposes.

Based on the above recognition, Sony has established the following policies regarding handling of Personal Information and will continuously endeavor to handle it appropriately.

(*) This Privacy Policy is for Sony Corporation and its subsidiaries in Japan.

Policies regarding Handling of Personal Information